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The Shwe Ya Min Foundation’s (SYF) charitable purposes are to assist homeless, impoverished, abused and otherwise disadvantaged children and youth (“At-Risk Children”) by providing access to education, health care, counseling, life skills training and other programs pursuant to the guidelines established by the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. Being a young charity, SYF will draw on experiences from other alliance charities, Childline Thailand Foundation and The Hub Children & Youth Centre, Hong Kong in providing its services.

SYF believes that its name underpins the flow of compassion and support between donors and children that live with little or no hope of escaping the cycle of poverty in developing nations.  The charity intends to initially focus its operations starting with programs and services located in Yangon and will conduct the following activities:

1. Establish and operate a drop-in and housing centre to provide educational, healthcare and psychosocial support programs for At-Risk Children in Myanmar;


2. Develop and implement mobile outreach programs to bring similar services to At-Risk Children in other regions of Myanmar; and


3. Establish and operate one or more emergency shelters in Yangon for homeless and abused children and youth.

Our mission is to ensure disadvantaged children in Myanmar receive the support they need to escape the cycle of poverty. 


Free Clinic

Child Helplines


Dental Care

Tutor and Mentoring Classes

Music & Art Activities

Mobile Clinic

Homework Support


New Building


Family Support Activities

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Mark Twain

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