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The SYF hosts and accommodates approximately 100 children during the school year who comes from poor rural families (often from conflict areas) to ensure they can get a decent education.


The SYF have in its employ 18 teachers who provide support to children (from primary to high school levels) with their homework and studying after school hours. The SYF provides stationary, school uniforms and tuition fees for the whole academic year for the children.


With the kind permission of Weethudayam ChanMyaeTharYarAye - SYF’s partner monastery who provides the grounds - SYF have constructed a one storied building to house and board 50 students.

Additionally, a playground which includes a football field, see-saw, slides and swings give a safe and healthy place to encourage play.


As part of its health offering, the SYF provides medical services for children under our care and to the surrounding community.  The free Medical Clinic was set up in August 2016, consisting of a main room of the clinic where doctors will see patients. There is also an ante room, store room & bathroom. In an adjacent building there is a desk for patient registration and a waiting room.  The clinic opens from 4 – 6 p.m. 5 days per week and about 35 patients visit per day. The clinic has been operating with a doctor, a nurse and two assistants.


The SYF has planned to provide mobile clinic service to the poor community across the whole country. We received one ambulance donated by Canada Gives Hope Foundation. It was shipped from Canada and arrived at Yangon in May 2017. We are now organizing a medical team which should have at least 3-5 members to carry out mobile healthcare service. The SYF team is also categorizing the target areas where to start for giving health care by using this donated ambulance.


With kind co-operation of Dr. Nyo Min Ko, Bamrumgrad Hospital, Bangkok, CDC Dental care charity group provides free dental care to our children once a year starting from 2016.


Shwe Yamin foundation Vocational Training Center is Stared running at 1 August 2019.


All the Student are learning everyday with 6 subjects ( English/ Tailor (Designer) / Make Up/ Hair / Computer/ Communication ) 

The trainees are from other city from Myanmar . 


(coming soon)

The SYF has obtained the status of an associate member of Child Helpline International and will be working in partnership to set up a helpline for Myanmar.  Further details to be forthcoming.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Mark Twain

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